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Chasing Raisin

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Raisin sure is fast! Unicycle your way through all the levels with the help of your cloud spawning projectiles.

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Haha :D

It's quite the interesting game. I love the color pallet, and the simple, yet beautiful graphics. The game runs very smoothly, considering I have an older computer. Yet I have found a huge game-breaking bug which involves the moving, falling platforms. In the level where you have to ride the moving platform under a wall at the top center of the screen, if you hit the wall while on the platform while falling, you can clip through the wall. I had accidentally stumbled upon this bug during normal game-play. There could also some other bugs that I haven't discovered yet, but otherwise, it's still an artistic, marvelous piece of work!

Very creative! The game has a very interesting game play where you play as a cute character on his unicycle and have to create platforms to complete simple puzzles. The aesthetics of the game are simple and subtle but very beautiful with good choice of color palette.

This game is quite entertaining. The gameplay is unique, and the graphics don't bother me at all. (That is saying a lot about the graphics.) The only suggestion that i would have is to make the levels a little more diverse. One of the ways i could think of doing this is making more recipes. (example: A recipe that allows the user to jump higher.)