Brain Hazard

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A short animation based on animating YUGIOH cards and making them into linking stories. Something that has never been seen before.

Yes, Pokémon the First Movie "Mewtwos escape scene" was an inspiration for this one.

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Awesome story.
I would love to see one about - Dark King of the Abyss .vs. Dark Ruler Ha Des.
They have a lot of cards of them fighting over Souls and Title for " Ruler of the Underworld ".
It would make a great story.

Really like the idea of actually linking 4 different cards into a story.. =)
I don't know if it has been done before.. but..
is it possible for you to make another one, but this time based on 10 randomly picked cards.. XD

Yugimations responds:

Thanks for the comment. I haven't done any animations with random cards, all of them are mediated and determined which will have the best impact. I have more on my youtube channel


amazing short animation! i would have liked to see more expression on the scientists, but beside that this was well done. i do like the brain hazard deaths.

definitely a plus linking together yu-gi-oh! cards and creating a story out of the four. great stuff, yugimations!

Yugimations responds:

Thanks for the comment. I do agree their expressions were...well...expressionless, and I really do need to work on that more. Thanks for pointing that out. Many thanks.

Hey man!

I really loved this animation, the art work was so fluent and detailed, it is a really good thing. I liked the way the people looked, two little complaints you have from me are the ending with the brain character getting the armor, the eyes on it, the green things, were really not that detailed, and you could've polished it up a lot more too create a more menacing atmosphere. And the panning up while the tower was on the screen, it looked out of place for some reason, like the quality of the art suddenly dropped. That could have been pollished as well.

The story was great, I love Yu-gi-oh cards and you did well on that, as for the sounds, especially the voice of the Brain could have been a little better, it seemed a bit unclear at times. And it was a bit corny, the nazzly sound the voice actor had. The men however were rather good, I liked the german and russian accent.

Well that's why you get 4,5 hope you will turn out more again in the future!

Greetings, Xeha!

Yugimations responds:

I will definitely take that into account for my next animations. The staging scenes, I agree, could have used more work. Along with the art on the 2nd half as well. I completely agree. The voices, "other than the brains voice" was done by two very talented voice actors that I found that were willing to help on such a short notice. the brain however, had to be mine, cause I couldn't find anyone to help do it. I thank you for the criticism and will take all of it into account when I make another one. Thanks for the comment.

Awesome intro and character armor. Lol

Yugimations responds:

Really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

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3.93 / 5.00

May 27, 2014
5:07 AM EDT