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Just a quick animation I did for A/V Class (I know; I should really do my own stuff.) It's about a guy and stuff happens. Music plays. Love is present. Blah blah blah. Sorry for loud white noise at the beginning. I realize it may be annoying, but what're ya gonna do? TVs can be annoying. Ignore that and enjoy the rest if you can! :)

Kevin MacLeod
Jason Shaw

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Or don't whatever.

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That's a good lil' reference you got there!
Super great animation!

I like your animation, it's story is exciting and funny at times, and the animation itself is simple but well drawn especially the female characters simple but beautiful and it's fluidly flexible too especially on the actions of the characters. I also think that you should have joined this year's Nata, because the animation seem to fit this year theme on most important mission but ah well. :D

Well, "if you don't have mind, you must have legs" they say... nice work!

Great animation I love it the only problem is that it needs a bit of color but I'm okay if you have color or not

StealthyNine responds:

I would have loved to put color in. Sadly, coloring took a long-ass time. If I were to color it, it would not be turned in on time (remember: this was made for a class.) I'll try to add more color next time. Thanks for the tip.

Nice video but you forgot the death ray sound effect at 0:37 and you didn't draw the chocolate box and shopping cart properly. I know I'm pointing out what's obvious. If you don't know how to add those or don't have the time send me the files and I'll add them. Also, you should find a female voice actor.

StealthyNine responds:

I was going to add the death ray sound effect when I noticed I forgot it, but, unfortunately, my Internet was down and remained down until after I finished this project. Also, If you mean the fact that the cart has no bars, I wanted to make the chocolates able to be seen. But whatever. I'll work on it. I was on a very VERY tight schedule for this project. It's due in the morning so I finished it just in time. And yes, female voice actors. I will work on that. As of now I have no friends. So that remains a problem. Thanks for the review.

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May 27, 2014
2:13 AM EDT
Comedy - Original