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Sci-Fi Runner

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In a world where machines are taking over the earth the only hope is a sexy female clone with enhanced abilities which you can upgrade trought the game. As you progress trought the game you unlock new the outfits for your character.

[Up, Spacebar¨] Jump
[Z] Shoot
[X] Shield
[P] Pause
[R] Restart on game over and on paused

Update 1.4.4
-Now its easier to read the tutorial
-Added support to restart with the keyboard key
-Now its easier to upgrade your skills


This game is okay for what it is. It's been a long time since seeing a 3D game with this much chance of being good, but it falls flat on 3 main categories:
1. Placement of Enemies - On occassions I have to jump over the enemies if they come from the top or side and did not shoot them. However if they come from the bottom or top end you WILL die because you cannot dodge them in any way, slow down, aim, or even shield until you get enough money for it.
2. Options - Your only option is the shoot the enemies, some can trap you and you have no way to evade them like a missle drone jumping and shooting right before you jump a gap. You cannot slide nor double jump or at least dash which would have added enough depth for this type of game.
3. Shooting - You only shoot forward saying a big f*ck you to the awkwardly (you shall not pass) enemies. The upgrades are not bright enough to be easily seen especially with all of the extra colors in the background and enemies. To add insult to injury you have a distance counter for a game that you can run out of ammo for, which is simply bad game design overall.

The game would need just a few simple tweaks, but would put you off very easily the way it is now. I understand the game is for trial error buy and improve, but this game should give you the chance to do improvements without buying first so you feel like the only thing holding you back is your own skill. I like the concept and work in it, but every money you get is quite infrequent from the start and your health is too small for this to be worth anyone's time, especially when the game is what kills you and not your own incompetence.

2/5 Could be worse, and easy way to improve the game overall.

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This is a pretty good game. Its mechanics reminds me of the older games posted on NG (maybe 2-3 years back). Unfortunately, I must say that people nowadays simply don't have the patience to muscle through the progression of this game. Or maybe they're just not used to dying in video games. Anyhow, this game is pretty finely tuned, except for the progression, which maybe a bit too slow. And the randomized weapon drops.
Time Played: 56 mins
Max Distance: 624 mts
Shield: 2, Jump:4, Hp:4, Energy:4, Pickup: 1
-3d Graphics
-Mobile phone support
-Interesting Shield + Shooter mechanic
-Numerical values properly tuned to manage player rate of progress
-Suit upgrades

-Slow progression
-Random weapon drops become nuisance

P.S. to other - You need to jump to hit enemies that are outside your lvl 0 jump range. That's why it's an upgrade.

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Extremely annoying, to the point that it is not worth playing.
- You can't aim, can only shoot straight forward.
- From about one second in to the game, you are hit by things you cannot block in any way (balls from above, missiles).
- This means you have to play through about 50 games in order to afford the first level of shield which allows you to run more than ten meters.
- Every time you go into upgrades, you have to go out to the main main menu in order to start another round.

Some of these may improve with upgrades, but I'm not going to play through a boring and frustrating 50 levels in order to fix basic level problems...

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Pretty bad... Looks promising at first, but only three runs into the game and I'm already fed up with the game mechanics.

Shooting is pointless if you can't aim at the orbs above or under you... and then they float towards you and have only a split second to hit them, before they explode in your face... really? And with no means of dodging them makes it even more frustrating.
MAYBE this changes after some upgrades but I don't care. You lost me right here.

Good effort but no thanks!

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I'm sorry, but I didn't like it. There are orbs that are impossible to kill until you got the shield, stupid satelites flying around and being annoying and that mixed with the repetitive dull background. Maybe I suck too much, but that wasn't fun :(

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Credits & Info

2.12 / 5.00

May 25, 2014
11:20 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun