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Fifteen years ago, somewhere in an isolated nuclear launch facility…
A computer virus infects the system, secretly controlling the launch conditions.
Without warning, the infected computer gave the order to fire. The attack was unexpected and the world was unprepared.
While first suspected to be simply another routine weapons test, the missile launched proved to be a superweapon capable of annihilating the entire planet.
Within a few hours, much of the world became barren. Though billions had died, humanity had yet to see the worst.
Days later, volcanic activity had skyrocketed, causing explosions that shook the earth to its very core.
As life on the derelict earth slowly faded away, an alien ship arrived seeking to save our dying species.
Years passed, and the aliens developed the ability to clone humans from the collected DNA.
They restored the species, and set to work helping humanity rebuild their civilization among the wreckage of earth.
The human drive to prosper impressed even the aliens, and a wealthy society quickly grew.
Up until 2030, the new civilization extracted minerals from debris for the aliens but their need for resources increased a lot, and some colonies refuse to continue.
You are a citizen of one of these colonies. Having collected enough money for a basic interceptor, you set to work as a freelance pilot.

v1.1-fix HUD colors, smaller radius when turning.
v1.2-fix control with keyboard, bullet speed
v1.3-fix ugrade for engine
v1.4-fix some limitations for uprade. Alienship is harder to destroy. The yellow beam is now downpowered
v1-5- add a "permadeath" mode. birds cannot make any damages (Due to this change, your previous saved game will be lost). - birds cannot make any damages.
v1.6-change the wanted level system. can repair by increasing by 1. adding a direction arrow. Yellow beam fixed when exit the shop.

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A very well polished shoot em up that looks great for how little time youve developed the game. It doesnt bring any new dynamics to the table, but what you did make is very solid. It was a fun play.

For a gamejam this is really fun. The intro set the mood and the playstyle was really enjoyable.

zzulian responds:

thank you

fairly decent, the subtle changes you make as you progress is honestly half the reason why I'm voting so high... it was just enough to keep me playing wondering 'what's gonna happen next?' 'am I gonna get a quest for this thing now?'

the half star off, however, is for the annoying sound effect of when you fire you gun... after a while, it just gets really irritating. that and also, as of just shy of 100k score, full engine, drone and gun upgrades, and 1k fuel and hp, I'm fairly certain you just left off at the random things coming down in the center and the bomber (that I managed to fly into while it was firing it's bombs instantly killing me, lol)

that being said though, was defenitely fun. even though it is a sandbox, though, it's still defenitely nice to at least get something about major changes to your map if you do it.

So that's what my rivals are making...
It won't be easy to beat you, but still - I'll do my best.

It a good game but, does the repair shop can be built over again. After a while there were only one repair shop.

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3.28 / 5.00

May 25, 2014
10:51 PM EDT
Action - Other
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