Dawn and Dusk

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A new animation that takes on the story of Cosmic Dragons and the struggle to be together. A project for a Fundamental Animation class at our community college. This is the final project of our semester, and we wanted to make it special.

We had never used Photoshop elements and incorporated them into our flash animations. This small piece is something that broke that streak. Almost every element was done in Photoshop, minus the dragons themselves.

Time taken: 4 1/2 weeks to complete.

Animators: Cody & Dylon Valjalo
Systems used: Adobe Flash 8 & Adobe After Effects & Adobe Photoshop Cs6

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A story that makes a new form of sense of the days and nights; turning of our world. The detailed backgrounds are real nice, dragons seem a bit simple above it but the gradients work well. Script is masterfully written! I was wondering if it'd manage to sound as wise as that ancient Asian music playing in the background seems to force it to be, but it did, mostly. Don't think the eclipse had to be explained though, just displayed. Anyway, nice work! It's an inspiring take on... life!


Yugimations responds:

Thank you very much. Its good to get well thought out comments like yours. Its funny because, this animation was supposed to be 10xs more simple than it is now. Backgrounds and detail was only supposed to be minimal, kinda even like if it was "flat". I do wish I could have had a better narrator other than myself, but time was of the essence for this project. I greatly appreciate your comment.

this story needs a hero, and dungeons and castles, and when the hero is powerfull enough face the evil dragon to defeat the dark spell and bring peace to the land once again :3

Yugimations responds:

Thanks for the comment. But think of it like this...sometimes...the badguy wins. It may not be an ultimate victory...but for now, he wins. Its stories like those that leave the audience like "wait, the badguy won? What?" We don't see TOO much of stuff like that.

Plot is simple yet good, I do advise getting a more experienced narrator, don't be offended it just takes practice to hone a voice.

Yugimations responds:

Not at all. I definitely need more experience with voice acting. Its just this was a time based project, and I couldn't find one that worked, so I had to ultimately do my own voice...which I try not to do.

I have an engineering solution for you. Build a giant rocketship and use it to propel the moon straight into the sun. Then we can have wildly unstable seasons here on Earth, and with the tides less than half as strong as before, the coastline ecosystems will be thrown completely out of whack, but hey, the moon and the sun will be together. Until the moon gets vaporized at least.

Is this actually a myth from some ancient religion or is it something you just made up? And is there anything in particular the *evil* dragon was supposed to represent?

Yugimations responds:

That actually isn't a bad idea at all. Start production on methods to do this. And as for the story behind it, it was just something completely made up. The evil dragon I guess was supposed to represent the disorder in the world that is hidden in plain sight.

Dusk looks peaceful

Yugimations responds:

In a sense, they both are, but yeah. She would be the more peaceful one the two if I were to say it.

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May 25, 2014
9:37 PM EDT
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