'Save the Sock'

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Why Hello Newgrounds!. I'm back in Nata 2014 with a really... maybe unusual...short!
This is my submission for the Open round, with the theme of "The Most Important Mission Ever".

The "plot" ended up being so absurd that I looked for an old 'ragtime' track (public domain, phew) to reinforce that, recalling old cartoons.

Oh well, hope you can ENJOY the sock-intensive events which will take place in your screen.

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This is awesome keep it up

Far too scatterbrained in my opinion. The lack of sound effects and proper easing make it kind of hard to follow what's going on as well as making it more difficult to feel engaged in the animation. The graphics and animation both have a very rough, incomplete style to them which is more of a style than a distinction of quality, but does not necessarily have to be as hoshposh as you made it (Mindchamber does the same thing with greater attention to movements). Quite interesting but I honestly have no idea what I just watched.

Butzbo responds:

Yeah, This was my first submission for this year's NATA tournament of animatiors and it was made in a rush within 3 days just in case it would qualify to enter the tournament.
That may explain why is it so erratic on its execution; If you check some of the latest submissions I've worked on, the overall animation and narrative gets a bit better.

Still, I'm hoping to take the time to tweak this one a bit (adding sounds and improving some of the animations) .

Thanks for the review, always glad to get all sorts of feedback in my animations!

0.0 uuuh...i liked it but it's just like...i don't know wat eve's!

I can say that I worship the way you draw!
The little song that you chose for the background fits perfectly with the movie! It's short and to the point, but is fun to watch and that's importantly. Awesome work man.

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4.10 / 5.00

May 23, 2014
11:50 PM EDT