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Door to Door

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2 Mormon missionaries go door to door to spread their religion to all who care to listen and you WON"T regret it.

for NATA 2014 open round. The theme was "the most important mission ever". Mission. Missionaries. You understand now.

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Awww, my screen scrolled up so I never saw the author's note till I just moved it down after watching! So I thought they were like, 7th Day Adventists or Jehovah's Witnesses or something. ;) GOD YES THIS DESERVES SERIES-DOM.

Deserves a series! lol

Brewster responds:

coming soon to the hub

SNRK. o- ok. I don't know what to say about that ending.
Strange, but good for a laugh.


You see, this is what I love about Newgrounds, when people make an animation like this and completely surprise me.
I believe that animation, good animated shorts, should take you on a little head trip, make you thing you're going one way, then BAM, you're somewhere else.

Way to go, man.

Do mormons really says "This sucks"?
Anyway,nice history and I love the end :D.Keep doing movies!