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Quest for the cookie

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Made this for open round of NATA 2014. Its very rushed, but I hope you enjoy it anyways!

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Walks too well for a toddler.
Too eloquent with words.
Motivation is constantly poked fun at and that bugs me quite a bit.

Nice message. Only bad thing for me was the climbing, didn't look like one. I could only tell his head, in fact.

He's walking too well for a toddler.

And I think the weird zoom effect in the credits happens way too fast for the frame rate.

The dog is obviously a cat. It even meows. I guess a toddler might not know the differance. Also think you ment, that you wouldn't be a hero if you ate the cookie, because saying that you would be a hero and then saying you can't be a hero with out goals. I had to go through the whole thing 4 times to make sure you didn't say "wouldn't", or at least its quite silent, as i even cranked the volume on my headphones. A couple simple mistakes that could have been fixed in editing. Lost 1.5 stars for that buddy

This, my friends, is a true adventurer. To keep setting your goals higher, and never settle for what you've already done. Thank you, Baby. <sniff> You've taught me so much.