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NATA2014: Heart-To-Heart

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NATA 2014: Open Round (made in 2 weeks)
"The Most Important Mission Ever"
Sponsored by Jaltoid and Newgrounds.

I was actually planning on joining NATA next year but I got restless and just went for it. I started out with an incomplete fruityloops project, rearranged the song and used that for audio. At that point I knew I wanted a space setting. The sketches showed an astronaut with a nerf gun, but soon I decided to go with the sniper idea. At this point I had no idea about his objective or target. The person who sent him on the mission wasn't clear either. So I brainstormed for a couple of days, asking for people's opinions and they all seemed pretty keen on this idea. The limited color palette happened when I saw a pile of clothes in my room. I liked the color combinations, but ended up going with different colors in the end. Sadly that's what made it look similar to Spacetime Fabric Softener. Oh well.

It's just over a minute in length. 66 Seconds without the intro and ending sequences. Watching James Bond Dr. No and Neon Genesis Avengelion influenced the early stages of the animation, as well as playing Borderlands 2.

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Once again good job. This ties up many loose ends from the first video while still leaving enough to wonder for another video. Keep up the good work.

I really liked the animation, the scenes and movements!
Now, knowing the plot makes a lot of sense. Maybe you could have added a family photo at the end to make things easier.
And this music reminds me a lot of Gorillaz.

Oh i see so his wife sneaked into the headquarters to send the transmission about their son's circumstances, now it all makes sense!

Whirlguy responds:

A friend of mine figured it all out when most of this was still just sketches. He is one sharp tack.

While it was mentioned that the plot of this one was a little different, it still ended up making a bit of sense and was still a joy to watch with well-made music, and great opportunities to animate something that looks really cool (like the bullet's path down to earth)

Whirlguy responds:

I think I'm one of the few people who took this theme and thought of something that could actually be important. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm, the plot's a real mystery in this one! From the start I assume the guy in the space shuttle's going to help that girl on the transmission, so he boots up and gets out the gun and shoots... the rope of someone about to hang himself? His son? A completely unrelated character (did he miss what he was actually aiming for? was that the point; pun?)? When he's spinning around in space from the recoil, it's impossible to see his expression, so if he did what he set out to do is impossible to know. Is there a message here that family's closest, or a pun on extreme precision, or something I'm not getting at all?? Animation was nice though, smooth and colorful, simple and stylish.


Whirlguy responds:

I decided against having any voice acting in the movie, because I wanted to keep everything a mystery until the very end. Your review tells me I succeeded :)

Having no voice actors has its downsides though. The woman on screen for example. She got desperate about her son's state and sneaked into the headquarters to tell her husband that he's become suicidal. The mix of mystery and urgency didn't work out too well.

I hope everyone understood it would be something along those lines.

Credits & Info

4.21 / 5.00

May 23, 2014
7:19 AM EDT

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