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The Feeble Senses Fail

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You are not alone on your quest to dominate the Great Temple. The five other churches have each dispatched their champions, and all will vie with one another to claim it for their god.

Introducing the first four levels of an epic dungeon crawl almost a decade in the making.

A turn-based system overlaid over the action allows yourself and your AI rivals to plot, set traps, and turn the fight into a game of conquest.

Play as one of 12 classes representing the 6 temples, each with unique suites of spells and rituals.

Lose limbs! Everyone's fantasy right? Well, you can sever your opponents' limbs too so it cuts both ways, so to speak.

Game is very much still in development. If your rivals get totally stuck, you can attempt to unstick them with "/"

Good luck coming out on top at the end of level 4.

* Fixed dodgy interaction with npcs and shop items.

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Really Good Game but really hard. Too many enemies everywhere

This game is awesome, however, it is also very hard. The first level is pretty easy. But as I got to the second level, It was too hard to beat. I'll keep trying but just remember to tone the difficulty down or make a difficulty level next time. Great game!

energyslave responds:

Thanks, I've got the means for a difficulty level built in, so I'll look at implementing something for the near future.

This game is buggy and unfinished but very promising, so i'm still giving it four stars.

I like the theological fluff and the different churches seem surprisingly original, not just clich├ęs like in most flash games. Still, they felt slightly vague, maybe you could work on them and make them more distinct (their symbols look a bit samey and boring, for example). I don't know, don't put too much stock in this. I look forward to seeing how you develop the plot. And I liked the Thomas Aquinas reference.

The shop items seem to be bugged, I have to click like a hundred times before the window with the option to purchase pops up. And you could have made it more clear that the game ends after level 4, at first I thought it just froze or something.

Really enjoyed it.

energyslave responds:

Thanks for your feedback, and totally fair criticisms. I've been developing the game way too long and got impatient to put this version out. I thought I might frighten people off with the various disclaimers I'd need to make to cover my bugs and stuff that's missing, but I should have either held off longer, or included them anyway.

Shop item bug: I'll try to fix this today. I think the player graphics are interfering with the shop item click

*Edit* Fixed this and the intro npc click bug

I'm sorry, but I simply CAN'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO PLAY.
Yes, the controls are explained, but how come there's no "speak" button to interact with someone with a speech bubble?
t's counter-intuitive and I don't understand WHY you would have such a thing.
Also, for me, the "middle click" control for an attack is completely unusable because I'm on a laptop.

energyslave responds:

Hi, and no worries, as I'm the only one who's been playing this game since I started making it, I haven't spent enough time trying to view the game through the eyes of someone approaching it for the first time. I suspect I'd be daunted too. I do have a lot of systems going on, and the intro text only explains a little of it.

You can click on an npc to talk to them, though the interaction is a bit dodgy. I'll make the speech bubble more interacty.

I haven't tested it on a laptop, and I didn't realize some people might be without a middle mouse button, so I'll provide an alternative key for "Fancy Wands" when I make a new version.

Pretty fun but hard to play