Slaughter Ward

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Kill everyone Eat everything!

Arrow keys to move
A to attack

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I really like this game. The controls, animations and flow of the game is splendid. The only thing I would add would be levels: like the background changes and the people change too

rhys510 responds:

This was a college project so i don`t think i`l work on it anymore since its so old but thank you for the thoughts :)

Hi Rhys10 plz follow my NG Channel plz cuz i only have 3 followers P.S U make the best Gaes on NG U DA BEST

rhys510 responds:

Thanks - but i only follow people with content >U<

Love it :)

But currently it feels like a beta more than anything, showing a glimpse of the setting and the general feel of the gameplay.

Some suggestions for it would be

- Larger Map

- Different Kinds of Enemies, Disease ridden patients that can infect you, Fat Doctors with increased health and Pyscho Patients from the Asylum ward :D

This game has great potential but currently there is a distinct lack of content

rhys510 responds:

yea i know what you mean but it was a small college project ><

it always walk infinetly in random direction screwed all the fun

rhys510 responds:

what does?

the graphic is pretty good , all the blood stuff is cool but i wish this game have objective? that'll be much cooler

rhys510 responds:

i know what you mean - thanks :)

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

May 22, 2014
11:34 AM EDT
Skill - Collect