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Madness: Deimosorisation

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EDIT: Sorry for the rushed final, its the deadline fault >:(

Deimos has enough to dies with no reasons,

so now he gonna prove for yourself, he can kill everyone without dying, like Hank


1882 frames
62.7 seconds
4,2 MO
3 months of work

Thanks to everyrone supporting this, i think i do a good job, the
project is very clean and respect the madness serie

For fans :

since 2012 i do test and other shitty things, so i was do a little movie called 'madness extermination', alot of people like this so i do an another one, not very see by the public

i improve alot, do collabs for 2 years, my animation skills dosen't want to stop improve.

2014 always, i do a little scene with deimos, and i say in my head 'why not continuing this scene?' so i do a little story and Madness Deimosorisation is out now

thanks again to supporting this, i will probably do something for madness day

see ya

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Hank really liked that soda

Very nice animation and quite funny at the end, just some mistakes though.
1. The deagle was way bigger than Deimos' hand.
2. The blood of some of the Agents and ATP engineers were a little bit different then the others at times.
3. This is not such a big one but the fact that when the speech was on screen, there were way to many lines in it so I could not understand it at first.

Overall I give this animation 4 stars, I honestly think its worth 5 stars but those 3 points took of one. I love the animation though and its a different kind of madness video I've seen in a while. Very well done.

"Moral - Hank Like Soda"
Loved it :)

Lol this one got me so good! XD
btw I found something in 00:36!

lol cool