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J-Tubeus. Steam Adventure

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Rescue kidnapped robot!
You know him for funny cap on his head, cute appearance and boombox in his hands. He was a victim of crafty plan treacherous villain, and found himself in the dark abandoned dungeons.
And now he needs to find a way to escape from the Prison, find the right key to each of the locks in the Conduit, and the fans turn out of the Ventilating Room, collect cogs in the engine pistons Press, connect the wires to the light appeared in the Cable Tunnel, run the Lift and climb to the surface in his native City.
Help young robot named J-Tubeus solve tricky puzzles, find tips and get back home. And, of course, will not hurt to punish dastardly villain.

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Cute, interesting and beautiful world. Downfall is that the puzzles are overly difficult and demanding, the Cable Tunnel being a complete player's nightmare and disaster.

Good job dudes, I like it. Art style and music is pretty nice.

Tandemark responds:


You're a fan of Machinarium, I take it. The art style is very derivative and the pace of the game is pretty slow. Other than those gripes, not bad.

Tandemark responds:

When we developed our game, we certainly knew about Machinarium. But we did not want to make a copy of Machinarium. We like this game genre, like robots, steampunk, and taking it all we wanted to create something of our own.
We are glad that you like our game.

Pretty stunning environment and neat character. Has a handfull of puzzles i have never came across Great Time Killer

Great work with the animations and the music. The graphics are interesting and represent the rough metal world very well. It has a 90s Point and Click feeling, which I like a lot.