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Small Town Racing

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The annual racing competition has just started in this small town. Everyone is excited about the speed rush. And you compete for your town. Everyone home is counting on you so make them proud. Have fun.

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the race is a bit turtley. Maybe if they were trackers or combines? Music is good, the scenery is top notch! I would like more small town things to avoid.
Thanks for not giving the player the slowest car at the beginning. I hate it when I have to grind levels over and over again just to get past the level.

It would be great if you could put pedestrians for us to kill and run over. Litter them around the track a few stages in, so it's not so in-your-face on stage 1.
Some pedestrians to use:
- Children
- People in Wheelchairs
- Dogs
- Fat woman
- Box of chickens
- 3 Nuns walking together
- Clown on stits
- Bear dressed up like a hooker

The controls were great, the music equally great, the graphics - again, just goddamn great. I was beat in the first race, so I had to retry. Maybe give some of the other A.I. racers flaws, like the occasional crash, so we can catch up. That's probably more of a pain to program, so just leave it. Or wait, no, change it.
Kidding. Just leave it. It's fine.

Not bad. There is potential. However, knowing which is your car form the start would be nice. Also, If the AI cars shove you, you get pulled into a 180 turn and are way behind with no hope to catch up. If you try to shove them, nothing happens. Maybe possible upgrades would be nice.
1.) Acceleration
2.) Turbo
3.) Paint color
4.) Traction

The controls are pretty simpel. Good that you show which keys are for control, but you should make also a short explanation like "up arrow = forward". The big button in the right bottom corner bothers me alot. Maybe smaller one or only one in the menue if you want advertise. But the annoying thing was when you had a head on head race at some points of th map the ranking doesn't made any sense.

Good job. But I think it will be better if you add upgrade system.