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Mini Heads

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All the Mini Heads have fancy hats on their head! Shoot off the hat as fast as you can to collect the highest score. 24 levels of shooting challenge!
Play with your own (and friends) avatar on sponsor's site. Fun little physics shooting game!

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Amazing Game,Take 5 Stars

I liked this game, but if you notice, the score have some bugs, that while the game is checking I lose points, in fact you should have done to when the heads stop moving the ckecking stop.

wow this is a nice game :]

This is one of those "throw-the-ball" physics puzzler games that the Internet and touchscreen devices made so popular. These kinds of games often get a lot of flak from me for being samey and generic and, essentially, low-effort money makers, but I actually kind of like this one.

So the premise is pretty obvious once you start in: Throw the balls to knock off peoples' hats without knocking over the peoples themselves. Pretty standard, but istvan89 made the wise decision to mix up the formula as early as possible, introducing physics objects which affect the flight of the ball or the method for hitting hats. The effect of this is that the game has no time to become boring. Well-done, istvan.

My only major complaint with this one is the scoring system. Like in a lot of games like this, your score is affected by how long it takes you to complete the puzzle. So, knock all of the hats off, and the timer stops and that's your score, right? Not in this one. The game actually waits several seconds after you finish a level before scoring you, to make sure you didn't knock any people over. I can see the logic, but the timer should still be stopped, otherwise the "checking" timer is doing nothing but robbing me of precious points.

Still, the gameplay itself is solid, featuring a lot of pretty clever physics puzzles, some of which actually require you to aim at something other than the hats. I thought that was a nice touch, because it encourages the player to think outside the box a lot more than other games of its type. Some levels are better than others, though, and I'm going to describe to you one level where the physics puzzling doesn't *quite* work.

This is a level with two hat guys, one of which is on top of a pile of boxes and the other of which is buried at the bottom of the pile. This is the point where I went "Hey, what!?" I couldn't find an elegant way of removing boxes from the stack, so I found myself essentially brute-forcing the box to get to the guy on the bottom, and it was only by sheer luck that I managed to complete the level on my first try without any... fatalities. The "dig your target out of a big pile of boxes" is a common pitfall for games like these, and it's irritating as hell because there's simply no good way to do it, which of course is why it was included. D**k move, man.

Other physics puzzles besides pushing boxes include see-saws that you have to spin and trampolines that you have to bounce the ball off of. It's overall very well-designed, the physics are easy to get a handle on, and the puzzles are fun, so give this one a try!

For a simple but effective twist on an old idea, 8 out of 10 stars.

istvan89 responds:

Thanks for the great review!:) You are right about the timer and scoring, didnt think about that!:)

Great art! Smooth, cool gameplay!