Time to Repair

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Exciting and challenging new hidden object multilevel game you've always been searching for. Help the pretty girl to make repair in her room: tidy up the room, find all necessary instruments and materials for repair and enjoy the result! It's time to show us how sharp your Eagle Eye really is today! Happy repairing!


The score system was kinda wonky.. first level 100, second 420, 3rd-6th 30 each.. and somehow my final score ended up as 200? I do like the pictures, but then they went back to words.. and the screw search? Im sorry.. these games are a bit hard, and I am severely colorblind.. that one took me forever to pass. Its a descent game, but a little bit more time could have been put into it I think.

Pictures of items are a nice touch for those who don't know what tool names are. Interface is a bit too small. Fullscreen option would go a long way to improving figuring out where things are. The time is a little short. I would suggest adding to the time limit after each object is discovered.

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1. This game had good artwork. But I think you could have added maybe a magnifying glass or something for those of us with bad eyesight or small computer screens.

2. There wasn't much time to find the objects, this made it where I had to redo a few levels in order to complete them.

3. The game itself played well. It didn't skip, lag, or go to a white screen.

Overall 6/10 stars.

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Not bad, well put together.

Timer thing sucks -- should be for bonus points, not a "fail" thing.

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2.92 / 5.00

May 18, 2014
10:47 AM EDT
Skill - Collect