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Do this how I want you to

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An independent game development team pitched their Idea to a Publisher

Also I know we usually do swf's, due to potential playback lag for lesser computers, we had to do video format.

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I'd like to see more of this. Maybe use the character in some animation or a follow up video to this scene. All in all, what I would really like is some characters to relate with. Not that this is bad, considering your videos, but I would like to see how you deal with character development in the animated form.

I recommend.

You keep making movies on the same topic. We get it already, you think the game industry overuses the 'sexy girl' archetype.

4 stars, for two reasons.

One, ALL of the characters need bewbs.

Two, should probably be rated T.

Best. Ending. Ever. XD

Even though I'm just a normal person and have no experience with game development, this is so true it HURTS.

5 star animation and humor, like always.