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Animation Short - Gamzee'

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Finally Here it is.
After 4 school weeks (yes this was worked in school. thats why it took long) I finally finished this animation. i had another version of this uploaded to youtube but i used a crummy converter that messed up the color and added a nasty watermark. But thanks to ShazamBlast I was able to convert he file without programs and to her i thank the most.

ShazamBlast is an amazing animator go check her things out

Original Comic : http://pookie776.tumblr.com/post/5053369174/one-of-these-days-i-will-post-something

Karkat Voice actor : http://ambitiousbard.tumblr.com/

Gamzee and Sollux Voice Actor: http://octosmagiccastle.tumblr.com/

Animation By Me
DrownedKarkat here on NewGrounds


Credits Song: C418 - Mall

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Nice! I find the animation a little more funnier for some reason.


I've always loved this comic, and Octopimp's voices and extra voice actors are absolutely amazing.

This is a nice update of what's slowly becoming a classic. My only real suggestion to you would be to try doing some of your own voicework and scripting.

Not complaining though, I am a Homestucker through and through.

DrownedKarkat responds:

At first i animate things i find funny and then i move on to my own scripts which i do plan on doing. c:

Not bad for your first attempt. But maybe add in some more jokes next time.

DrownedKarkat responds:

I'll try to.

I thought if the voice acting was better you wouldn't need subtitles. Plus I'm not sure what direction you were trying to go with it. Was it supposed to be random, serious or funny? Or is this how "Homestuck" humor and characters are portrayed? This IS your first attempt though. I'm not being overly critical, I'm just trying to be honest so you can improve on what you can do. You'll get better over time if you keep at it.

DrownedKarkat responds:

Hmmm i'll go with random. i couldnt get much done because i was on a timer which gave me this result.