Reverie: an odd sim date

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again, there is a guide included inside, but contact me on deviant art if you are stuck.


EDIT: Alot of you are complaining about the HP grinding, so here's a cheat code to unlock all 3 weapons so that you can see all the dialogue options without dying : gottastabthemall

EDIT: 05/15/2014

It seems quite a bit of you are stuck on how to get the endings....so here is a breif walktrough.

Duke: To get his Insomnia Ending, make sure to save up HP and buy the 270 hp blue hilted sword. then when the option comes up, choose stab.

White: To get his Insomnia Ending, make sure to save up HP and buy the 270 hp PURPLE HILTED sowrd. Then when the option comes up, choose stab and let him go.

Joker : To get his Insomnia ENding, make sure to buy the red square thingy that cost 270 hp, then when the option comes, choose don't stab, don't stay. that should give you the true ending. choosing stay gives you the insomnia ending

the cheats for each character are in White's Insomnia ending. Duke's Insomnia ending, and the one true ending.

Hope that cleared things up a bit.

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(spoilers in this comment)

I got kind of annoyed in the intro when I chose to Fight the monster and automatically "died". I didn't know it was the type of game where that would happen. I wish there was at least some description of what happened. It is kind of annoying to see "You died, game over" without any indication or hint about which option I should choose.

I think it is also weird that in the library (?) there is a "guide" for the game and you basically have to read it in order to not be killed and have to start over. I read it and I still died, it said not to enter the dining room or sitting room...how am I supposed to know where those places are just by looking at the door?

Also, I read the guide in the game (NOT the NG description though) and decided to go for the Duke's Insomnia Ending first...I did not know that you needed to get the 270HP sword before finishing their dialogue path so I ended up with the Nightmare ending. Which really annoyed me. I think the guide should have had that in it.

Also abstract nonsense...is that a reference to the Vocaloid song?! XD

I loved all of the routes and the whole story...during the true end I was crying and a tear dripped onto my laptop trackpad. I loved the themes in it and all the true things that it said. If

The graphics, pretty polished. Actually I admit I didn't focus much on them since every room in the house looked very same-y. I was more focused on being annoyed that I had to restart the game and reading the dialogue.

I think this is a great visual novel, only problem is the Nightmare monsters making you restart is kind of annoying. And the guide doesn't tell you you have to get the 270HP items before advancing the dialogue to the end. I know it's in the description, but I didn't read that since I thought it would have spoilers.

can't be the only one being creeped out by the relationship between a 11 and a 15 year old??
the game was really nice and i liked it up until that point in the flashback scenes....

Unusual, realistic and beautiful <3

Whoah, whoah, whoah! I just got the Duke's Insomnia and nightmare endings and WOW! THIS is the game! Not only a dating sim/visual novel with GREAT visuals, graphics and dialogues, but also a hell of message! That is what I was looking for! Oh my days! I think I'm your true fan now! I was already really impressed with the different but cool visuals, the richness of the dialogues and a nice worked concept (depression is such a hard topic to talk about it in its deepness and more than that, to talk about recovery in such a gentle, kind and touching manner. ♡ As a recovered person, I truly admire you! I think that everyone who is able to transcend their pain and use it to help others that are still in the process is a magical being ♡) but, oh, nothing prepared me for such a rad feminist ending. WoOoAh! Are you familiar with the radical theory? Because it's totally rocking in the game, even if you aren't familiar with it.
I loved it! I loved it soooo much! Good Kali! And I only got 2 endings. My favorite part was the one in which you even used the blue-haired guy to spread a message about paedophilia, you know? In that sarcastic dialogue about our crush being little boys and all. You didn't romanticized abuse or paedo at all and I'm totally in love with that!!! Responsability is really lacking in the game creators these days.
I could keep talking about how much you totally rock out, but I'll just leave expecting you, senpai, to notice me. ♡

I literally just made a Newgrounds account so I could comment on this game. I was expecting this to be an average dating sim that I had played a million times before but it was so much more than that and the true ending almost made me cry. I didn't think I could get this emotional over a game I randomly found over the internet so thank you for making this. It's by far one of my favorite games I've seen on this website

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May 14, 2014
4:41 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating