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Where Adabanas grow: An a

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USE CTR with + if screen too small to see!

My first sim date. Since newgrounds now allows for files bigger than 10mb, I can finally post it here lol!
Comment on my deviant art page if you need help. ( but there is already a help guide included in the game.)

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Based on the amount of crying:
I recommend the order of General (Wu Shang), Physician (Jyu Ge), then King (Changya)

This would allow you to stabilize yourself before completing the True Ending (Changya)...

Otherwise (light to heavy): Jyu Ge, Wu Shang, Changya...

Oh! And you should probably eat something sweet or play something sweeter to recover afterwards?

This game will never get old for me. I revisit this game every now and then because I just love the characters, artwork, and the sweet yet tragic story. Amiralo, you make amazing content and I would love to see more (I'm sure lots of other people would love to see more too) I've never made a comment on NG before but I had to express how much joy this game brings me :)

I also just wanted to share a thought I had...
Isn't Changya's ending basically an endless cycle? Because when you think about it...she was told that she's going to die from cancer in a few months and she's meeting Changya for the "first time". Meaning Changya is going to watch her die again and go to the time lady to ask for the same wish thus repeating the whole thing over again.

bOI, i BAWled my eyes out....such a good story...

bro i just grew up like....... i first discovered this shit like.........3 years ago. i was in love wit mr. WU and i always got his ending for it cus i was SO thirsty for the man . i just got the changya plot and honestly what the FUCK i really IGNORED the main PLOT TWISTS n shit for it huh. love the routes. love the characters. all of this shit makes me cry. definition of (g)old

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH! I always come back to play your games!! What is the piano song called? It's so peaceful and nice to listen to. When will you be dropping another game?