House of Fear: Revenge

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House of Fear Revenge is a point and click adventure game that takes place inside a haunted house. Your goal is to destroy this wicked house and all the evil inside. Use found items wisely to solve all puzzles and mysteries.

Walkthrough: http://www.gamesonly.com/walkthroughs/houseoffearrevenge/

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You can kill the skeleton with the pick axe at the door, but you can't get the items then, is it intentional or a bug?

Excellent game. Great graphics. Content kept me entertained. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

niiiiiiice. very very fun. the inventory is a bit sticky, because of all that clicking, but very fun game. nothing bad to say about it. although a nice touch would have been to SAVe that one particular ghost in the attic when you found the body behind the brick. remember Poe.

;) i loved the mirror thing- when you changed something in one, you changed it in the other. but, that could have been taken further, a bit more depth fo story, and this could be REALLY great. MOARRRR.

This is a really cool adventure game considering the game play, graphics, and sound. The most fascinating aspect is that you can assemble and dissemble items using the middle two icons in the inventory. Sometimes, it gets really tricky to the point that you have to peek at the walk through to find out what to do next.

Here are some pointers for those who get stuck in the game. c:
1. The green "lighter" item was actually a bullet.
2. You can dissemble the chair, and the candlelit.
3. Check the carpet after you took down the furry animal.
4. The stair lamp reveals a hidden clue next to it.
5. You can take the ladder, walk outside the house, and click on the house again to enter.
6. The codes to open the globe works from the bottom to the top.
7. The light bulb fits with a desk lamp.
8. Put away the fire in the fireplace before you can fit in any jewels.
9. Use the compass if you feel lost.

I got myself stuck quite a few times but backtracking through always led to the clues needed. The best part was, solving the puzzles was actually logical, there's nothing worse than trudging through a game and lots of it not making sense. It took me quite a while to finish but it was well worth the effort. I really enjoyed it.

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3.73 / 5.00

May 14, 2014
12:02 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click