Escape Drill

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Short (6-level) puzzle game where the player’s objective is to get to the exit.

This is an slightly improved version of the game I created for Ludum Dare #29. This means this game was mostly created in one weekend, so it may be rough around the edges.

To play: use the arrow keys to move in an isometric fashion. Get to the exit with the least amount of moves. The enemies are dumb but deadly. Turns alternate between the player and the enemies.

Each enemy has a different move set:

* Yellow enemy: moves forward if player is in front of it.
* Red enemy: moves forward if player is in front of it. Turn if player is on its sides.
* Purple enemy: moves in any direction.

Hint: to “pass” your turn, just bump into a wall or boundaries of the map. This helps fooling some enemies.


Update: this game now supports high scores. The high score list will show the players with the smallest number of moves to complete each level.

You may notice that this game is made with Unity, but that Newgrounds doesn't officially support their API with Unity. This means I'm implementing their API and C# (it's actually the biggest reason this simple game is here: to test the API implementation). It's still a work in progress. Once the API is in a better state I'll upload it to GitHub.

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Omg that a so great game. can you give me the script in pm for this game and i can do new level if you mind please cause this game really need more level. (and i am first in all the level (or got the same score of the first). Also did you have progress on the api?

zehfernando responds:

Hi cuttyflame,

I have the source code of the Ludum Dare version online, it includes the Unity editor script that I used to build the levels:

I'm slowly making it better (calling it "TiledTerrain" for now) so I'll hopefully make it available for other people in the future.

I didn't do much progress on the API; I'm waiting for upcoming LDs to work on it if I have time. It's not much, but if you're curious, I have the API I used in the above game available on GitHub:

This is cool! Reminds me of Hitman Go a little. I personally liked the Isometric controls which made my brain work more.

Not bad at all, this game seserves a better rating. Just needs a bit of polish. Isometric controls sometimes get a bit confusing right in the middle of the gameplay.

needs a tutorial

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3.75 / 5.00

May 7, 2014
10:29 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other