Frack You

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Developed in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare 29 game jam.

Extract the underground gas by placing the proper pipes between the rig and the drill.
Calm protesters by giving them what they want or by using the police.

This game is still in early alpha. So any feedback is appreciated.


What's the point of this game? All there is to it is placing pipes, and it's so straight forward that it's very boring.

Good concept, but i reached level 6 in less then 5?3? minutes, too easy ;)
3/5 stars

Well, the game gets very impossible to win when in level 10, but this is a holy science error in all the game, there aren't more than 1 discovered world that has life nowadays and the soil don't lose their humidity in like 2 seconds or even when you 'give' money to people you dont need to get more gas.
You need to work on that 'smile' art too.

kinda dig it. would be awesome if it had just a zoom out button or pop up side display to knock out the people makein demands. cheers mate

While the game and mechanics are good. I do have to be that guy who goes yeah but that's not how fracking works. The whole idea of fracking is you push water and Chemicals into the ground to cause fracturing in the rock record releasing hard to obtain oil, Natural gas and the like. Problems include toxic chemicals pumped in, fracturing continuing after the fracking has stopped, which can lead to fracturing into aquifers and the like contaminating water. The game is good though I just wanted to give you ideas for improvements. If you have further questions you can pm me.

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adriandan responds:

Thanks for the correction.

Unfortunately i had to sacrifice accuracy and a lot of other things not to make it too complicated and also because of the competition timelimit.

Initially i had planned of the drill requiring water to be pumped from the side, requiring you to both link the rig to the drill and some water source to the drill to extract it.

I still want to add it, but perhaps it will be required in later levels not to scare people in the beginning.

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2.44 / 5.00

May 5, 2014
3:20 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other