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Experience fast dynamic action during fight with different kind of light-based enemies. Avoid their attacks, upgrade your ship and try to fight back.

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Great game! Create more games like this one!

CCreations responds:

Thanks VitorBaristaLOL! Your comment brought smile to my face, I'm very grateful for it : )

Same problem- shows me a slate cloud on teal background with NAN% under it and nothing more happens. Using firefox 29 i could not start the game. Chrome launched the game normally though...

CCreations responds:

Thank you, I'm investigating the issue now and will keep you updated.
Should be fixed now.

Simple and fun, memories of Asteroids and Robotron come to mind, and the powerups seemed balanced and well progressive. Only I made the mistake of pressing space to pause so I could spend coins in the shop...right as the screen started to fade to black at the end of a level. Black screen, nada. So, refresh shows me a slate cloud on teal background with NAN% under it and nothing more happens. Five fun levels of play for me, though.

CCreations responds:

I cannot reproduce the issue, try refreshing again or clearing your browser cache.

This was a fun play, but it needs to address a few issues.

-Hit space to pause the game. Now hit space 3 more times.
This causes not only a visual bug, but one that will not let you
interact with the shop.

-At the end of level 10, you lose your coins if you choose to continue.

-The shop, after the max upgrade has been reached, displays "NAN"
This means "Not A Number" usually, and should be replaced with
another label to seem more polished.

-The minimap that displays the bullets and the enemies is slightly broken.
The bullets appear under my score in the top-left instead of inside the

It seems you put a lot of effort into the structure of the actual gameplay, and
the fast-paced interactions between the enemies and the ship show this. Next
time, I suggest you polish your menu and GUI interaction just a bit more and
bug-test the boring stuff, too.

I hope to see more!

CCreations responds:

Thank you very much OptimusKhan! Some of those bugs were actually fixed but NG still shows the old version. Your comment means a lot to me since this is my very first game I've ever created!
Thank you!

I love how the core mechanic is simple move and shoot and the layers are polish.
With the dynamic that is mainly destruction, collecting, chasing/evading. Finally with the aesthetic of challenge. Simple assets design but able to catch people attention even though the title sounds a bit plain, people that judge the book by it's cover will regret not trying this.

I like your considerations of putting an auto-fire system to the game that enables player to not make their finger tired as even holding the LMB can be tiring.

I also like how you have unlimited lives and will be able to continue even when you reach at the hardcore mode.

The challenges/enemy we face each time has different feature/characteristic from each other even though when you're at the stage whereby you don't need to care much about the enemy appearance especially in the hardcore stage where everything moves so much that you don't know whether the things running towards you is either the points/gold or enemy.

The downfall would be it only targets audience that able to have ultra high reaction with their both and able to sync with both hands.

Apologize in advance if you did do it due to how I am only at level 12 -
Another downfall would be at the hardcore mode the only thing changing would be how much enemies you need to destroy, gets a little repetitive no more new discoveries/features.

Time spent in this game - 1 hr 15mins
Level reach - 12 [Hardcore]
stats - all Max
I'm unable to continue due to other projects to focus on.

Would love to come back and play when I have free time [aesthetic - submission]
And will definitely ask my friends to play ^-^

A job well done.

Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

May 4, 2014
4:04 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed