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A link Between Pokemon

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a cartoon that has nothing to do with anything

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So this was a nice film here there seems like a lot more can come from this like a longer version of it or even a series of some sort you really know what you are doing and congrats on the awards too well deserved here

No changes needed


Wow, I would love to see this concept be a whole 30 minute cartoon. It really was a lot of fun, and there was so much to work with which left me wanting more. Get the team back together, get copyrights, and go make a show off this!

Very funny to see this video... Nintendo owns both!.... Wait, maybe they see this and use the idea OHC### YOU DOOMED US ALL!!!


Great animation, this was very good, the animation, voice, music, and story, the thing was it felt a little unfinished I think, because there could have been like a whole skip of Link wooping bosses Like A Boss, haha, but it felt like i could have had something else, so here it is, 4.5 stars

Great Movie :) The ending was great!

Info: please don't click the link of "ThatOneEnderMan" (2 comments below mine) !
It's a scam/virus, i've already informed ThatOneEnderMan about the scam.