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While waiting for my daughter to be born, my lady and I wrote our first kid's book together. I'm halfway through illustrating it, and I had the idea to try and animate it too... make it kinda like an animated kid's book. This is the animation test for one of the pages.



The animation is superb

grimharbor responds:

Thank you liquidFORT! Your kind words are greatly appreciated.

I think the animation is great! The style too. It's nice and bubbly and smooth! And the expression on the owl's face was very cute.

grimharbor responds:

Thank you! I'm trying to work out if I just want it all to play straight ahead, or inject some kind of user interaction to "turn the page".

Is the colour supposed to be faded?

grimharbor responds:

Yessir. I chose a soft pastel palette to soften it all, to be more appealing for 4-6 year olds. I've ran the pages by something like 70+ parents with children and the color stylings seem to appeal to a great majority of them.

Although this was a test, and a short one at, I see a lot of potential. The animation is quite smooth and the graphics are neither too bland or overdone. The only suggestion I would point out would be to add voices instead of text at the bottom. By having to read, you lose focus on the movie itself. Good job overall.

grimharbor responds:

Great note sir! I've actually got a friend to lay out some voice tracks for it. Will update it soon as I wrap some freelance up :)

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May 1, 2014
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