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Match 3

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A Sleek HTML5 Match 3 Game made in two days or so

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My score before I ran out of time was 31520! I love these kind of games
though I'd like to bring to your attention that when the banner came up saying you ran out of time, it also said 'sorry, an error occurred'. I don't know if that is glitch in the game or perhaps it was from my end.
Also in the 'sorry and error occurred', the word occurred only has 1 R in it when it should have two. I had my computer muted so I did not hear the music, but from the comments, you should put the music artists name to avoid any legal issues and copyright stuff, as you should add attribution as the licences says to.
Anyway, this is great because I was at the top of the leader board on Bejeweled (Blitz?) only because I was lucky enough to get a ton of chain reactions. Any other game like, I found just doesn't compare to that first time experience because I was good at the game. lol this however is better than most.

Giving it a 1, because

1) the game is quite simple and would warrant a 2 normally for not being too new or interesting,

2) you stole Phyrnna's track, "The Stage is Set," and I recognise it because it's the introduction theme to Bullet Heaven 3.3, and DID NOT GIVE HER CREDIT. The track is on Newgrounds and REQUIRES ATTRIBUTION, but you did not give it her. There is no link to the track you used on your game's sidebar, nor is it actually in the game's credits -- if it actually does have credits.

Please sort that as soon as possible. I have contacted Phyrnna and some of my friends on the Audio Portal about this theft.


I can’t seem to lose. I stopped playing when my multiplier broke 500. I think this needs to be more difficult.

beautifully simple time burner and a nice stress reliever.