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ARROWS TO MOVE , X TO ATTACK, R to suicide (in case of bug)

This is our game entry for the ludum dare 29 jam.
@damrem, @ynck_33, @sentsu_actu, @thomas_baudon.

please play and rate our game here :

Coments are welcomed!

controls : arrows to move, x to attack.

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I encountered a bug two consecutive times. At some random point , when entering a new screen the character falls magically through the floor and does not die.
I cannot continue the game and have to restart anew , which is frustrating.

Cant wait to finish this fine game, I love it.

paraple-geek responds:

Thank you for your help. You can suicide using R if this bug occurs. I know it's not cool to let it like this but at leat you don't have to restart the whole game while we prepare the next update. Thanks again for playing.

This game has plenty of potential, but it suffers from bugs, and not the good kind we fight in the game.
There are plenty of instant deaths that can happen, you can be juggled between enemies, and sometimes you can get stuck on the ice spears. Perhaps a 0.5s immunity period after getting hurt would solve this as I know there were times i would get hit 12 times in a 2 second period due to juggling.

The gameplay is solid, however it appears unbalanced, either the strength of the bugs is determined by your upgrades, or it is determined by your number of deaths, because I cleared this is two lives, without experiencing a single lvl 5 or above. Needless to say the game only took 8 minutes.

On my home computer I focused on upgrades and devoted a good hour and a half to this game and never found the exit and got to a point where virtually all enemies were over lvl 5.
Either make more levels, or include all levels of difficulty at one time per play, increasing the levels as you get closer to the exit.

Also there is a bug where you do not start at the door, if you do not go back to the door you fall through the floor and you have to suicide.

paraple-geek responds:

Thank you very much for your very detailed comment. We are well aware of all those problems. We are working on a better version of this game. We can't update this version too much as it is a submission for ludum dare, a contest where you have to make a game in 72 h. Adding feature such as an invulnerability time after getting hurt would be cheating. I'm really pleased to hear that despite all of those bug you kept on playing more than an hour. Again, thanks for playing and commenting, this is very helpful.

Really good game !
I got some bug like falling in the walls, but besides that, I love the mood and the graphism.
A really great LD game :)

The intro appears to be unskippable AND the game has auto-pause enabled by default.


a = left key is messed up

q = goes left

paraple-geek responds:

Didn't had time to make a tutorial, but, i wrote the controles in the comment : arrows to move and X to attack is probably easier.

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3.69 / 5.00

Apr 29, 2014
4:43 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop