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Kakariko is a dangerous place to go alone..

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Idk whts up everyone else's ass but the humor in this is gold XD!! uve got mad skills and I for one liked the funny faces Thumbs up, keep it up

This was really funny, a nice cross over parody. The animation was good, with the exception of the faces. I really wish you would grow out of this phase. You're talented and could be doing so much better. These ugly faces really bring the overall quality of the whole thing down significantly.

So you can obviously draw and animate at a better level than most, but you have to ruin it with that awful face design? Or maybe you just get off on putting mouths up by where the eyes are. Hey, whatever floats your boat. As for the flash, I'm all for crossovers but this was idiotic and pointless. If you're gonna remake a scene from Game of Thrones, at least have the decency to carry through the entire joke that was in the show. Iterating some familiar lines from a show and then proceeding to kill two iconic characters from a totally separate game, is just in really bad taste. Or maybe you just really hate Zelda and have fantasies of killing characters from video games you don't like. hey, Whatever floats your boat.

To bad...
This had potential.

Awesome video and awesome Rains of Castamere. Is there a full version?