The Valley Rule

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This is the Post-Jam version.
This game was made for LD 29 Game Jam. Made in 72hrs.

Check the LD Page Here and the Original Ver:

You are stuck "beneath the surface" and trying to find a way up. There seems to be only 1 giant door blocking your path. Can you open it?

Controls: Arrows , S

4 Keys, 1 way out, and power-ups.
Exploration platformer.


Programming, Art, Design by: Ryan Carag
Music and Sound by: Bill Kiley


Post-Jam Changes:
- I fixed a bug with wall-jumping so it should be more responsive now.
- Added save-point at the top of cliff.

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I believe this game should be shown to all psychotherapists so they can prescript it to people with anxiety or stress issues. It's extremely relaxing and serening.
Beautiful, minimalist atmospheres. With an abstract yet catching story and mysterious aura around it. Gameplay mechanics are fluid, sharp, accurate and the character always seems to be involving with its environment merrily.

Difficulty level is just right (for me). Puzzles are simple and it's always natural to figure out what to do first.

...Can't wait for a sequel or a (more complex) spin-off. Maybe more worlds? Maybe more characters? It doesn't need any violence, by the way. I enjoy it just like how it currently is: nice and peaceful.

fezz vibes

A bit hard, but over-all fun.
8/despacito, add some music and 9 stars.

wOW! Esta muy bueno! Me encanto el nivel negro de los cuadrados :) Muy buen juego.

My my my, first off some tips for newer players: To climb walls faster jump [Hit S or Z] while going upwards with your arrow key, this becomes much easier when you receive the first ability. Don't give up on the game the level of difficulty increases but there is no selected order for you to complete the puzzles so have fun.

About the game; Music and Atmosphere: 10/10 the birds chirping add a zest reminds you that you're still alive.

Background; Amazingly serene.

Controls: Fluid; point to consider a triple jump might dampen the spike in difficulty but I loved the challenge.

Final Thoughts: This had a real Cave Story feel the nostalgia hit me like a truck this was an amazing game and I'd love to see more from you.

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2014
10:43 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle