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i made this using a tutorial by KRAnimationsUK thanks!
i do expect the obvious "too many flappybird remakes" comments


What can I say, it's a Flappy Bird clone. With that comes the usual complaints, mainly extreme repetitiveness and questionable hit boxes. There are a couple of additional points against this one.
-There is no sound whatsoever. No music, sound effects, nothing.
- For a game initiated by the Space bar, why would you make the control the 'Up Arrow' without prompting beforehand? Without any instructions, the player assumes that the space bar is going to be the control, only to see a prompt written in the middle of gameplay. By the time you read said prompt, you're dead.
-This game is short. If you manage to get through the diagonal pipe (which I somehow did once), you get a 'You Win' message with a 'Click to replay' prompt. This prompt doesn't work; if you win the game, you can't play again without refreshing your page.
-No animations on this one. The background scrolls, the pipes scroll, but your bird has no animation to it whatsoever. The only real movement involves the explosion gif. That's it.

So yeah... it's a FlappyBird clone that isn't very good. Sorry.

EnchantedTablet responds:

yeah its my first flash game and I hope to improve
thanks for the input!
and i fixed the ending
dont be sorry I had fun making it and maybe eventually ill make a game that you will have fun playing

too many flappybird remakes

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1.70 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2014
10:33 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid