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The Diggers Refrain

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A "music" game made in 3 days for the Ludum Dare 29 based on the theme "Beneath The Surface." It's a tribute to the hardships of workers everywhere, and to workers that have died in pursuit of a better life.

Here's a link to the lyrics.

And the LD submission page:

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Unfortunately, four years later, the lyrics page is 404 and it's completely impossible to understand the "singers". I finished the typing game flawlessly but I have zero idea what the hell this was even about. I made out two words of the lyrics: "We Quit".

Not much of a gameplay, but the ending was worth it.

I get the concept, and it's a smart one... but it truly feels like you're doing it ironically or tongue-in-cheek when the music IS SO TERRIBLE. Are you making fun of people who potentially risk their lives working every day or was this meant sincerely? It feels very mean-spirited, like you're meant to laugh at it because it's so bad... :(

Sushin00 responds:

This game was made for a game jam and far too late in development we had the voice actors all sing the song, only to realize that the tracks didn't sync. It was too late to ask them to redo it so the choices were to either not finish the game or publish it with the out-of-sync tracks.

The 'message' seemed painfully forced, it honestly comes out of the left field. Additionally, the audio was SO bad that I couldn't try more than twice. I kind of understand you might have been trying to go for 'realism' but if you've ever heard a group of workers sing, they get in near perfect sync, so it actually makes no sense for them to be so far apart.

But seriously, I couldn't even attempt to understand the song because it was like five separate audio clips just weakly slapped around each other, and when it's a MUSIC game, the music is a major factor.

nice got to the ending. what is that in the coffin? is that just a piece of gold?