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What's this? a full Newgrounds console game? seems almost too good to be true.

So I'd recommend watching the teaser before reading this.
For pico day I wanted to make a game but realizing I didn't have the time or know how, I made the next best thing... A teaser for a fake video game... because people love seeing something that looks legit and then being completely let down right? something like this would of probably been more fitting for April first but animation like this takes time and why should I need an excuse to be an asshole any other day of the year? that said happy pico day. I'm sure you where happy for the first part of the video anyway.

I had fun trying to emulate and adapt various ng artist's styles with this. it's only a half-minute long joke and a stupid one at that but hey at least i cared enough to put about 2 months work into it.

PS. Didn't have time to make music so I played some half-assed lead over "Ignite" which I think fit well with the video.

I just realized the newgrounds video player completely fucked up the colours. so there's a flash that doesn't look like shit here: http://jamal1.deviantart.com/art/Newgrounds-misleading-gameplay-scenes-450355086
Incase you want to take a closer look at the scenes in vectory goodness. also this way you can try to decompile it and steal all my shit... but i'll find you.

[Edit 2]
Wow if you ask me, this submission is a little overrated and too well received. people are begging me to make an actual game. you guys realize this is just a stupid prank i made to amuse myself on Pico day Right? i have no intention of actually making the game. it wouldn't even be my place to organize a game like that because the game's success would be primarily dependent on the popularity of other peoples characters and ideas.. so asking me to make it won't do any good. will something big like this ever be made? I don't know. Just support the shit out of newgrounds so it's around long enough for you to find out.

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dreams crushed yet again.

i wish this was real :(

y u do dis to us? :(

If only that was a realy game

Ya existe newgrounds rumble, pero ok esta bien la animacion

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Apr 26, 2014
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