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2014 Pico Day Collab

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Come one and come all to view the greatness that is the 2014 Pico Day Collab!

Everyone who participated in this is really awesome and should be given all of your love and admiration!

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It seemed short for a collab, but since it was done so well by so many, it doesn't really matter much :)

It wasnt too bad but it was alittle short but who am I to complain lol if I could animate I dont have the patience to. Nice collab, I liked the one were the teacher said "well a penis.. a penis will either shoot out piss or jizz" lol. I can imagine the reaction in the classroom if a teacher actually did say that lol.

scottwjsm and Whirlguy's collabs are the best! Sorry southunivers and Cyberdevil, but theirs was much better! Try better next time.

Yeah man... AWESOME!

nice work, pretty fun to watch, and very solid collaboration.
it was a short collab, but very cool, and neatly organized. good stuff.
i also liked dad's appearance.

hmm, have a happy pico day.