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Hero Of Inferno

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Battle as Dante and his friends against evil god and his guardians.
Hero of Inferno is an Epic J-RPG style game.
Learn many combos, equip your heroes with ultimate armors and weapons.

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Pretty good game, well thought out mechanics. I was on the point of giving up after maybe 3 levels because it seemed pretty tedious and overly difficult, until I happened to unlock a combo - then another and another - and realised combos are crucial to progressing against tougher monsters. Maybe that could have been emphasised in the story/tutorial, that they have to work together not just attack individually.
The timing for attacking can be frustrating, when the action bar is filled just as an enemy attacks, and then while you're trying to get an action in the next enemy attacks... might be nice if you could queue actions while being attacked and/or while the bar is filling, to reduce angrily stabbing the keyboard. I found it awkward targeting allies for heals, which put me off trying the other characters' buffs. And the difficulty increase was a bit too steep for me, compared to character levelling.
So on the whole a very good game, but some little things made it not entirely fun to my mind, still interesting to play and I enjoyed trying to discover combos for a while.

absolutely awesome game
this is the best RPG game on this site you really could charge for this game

this game has a interesting concept by mixing up the order they attack in you can unleash a variety of specials which vary in strength it makes me want to figure them all out without using the combo coins
also the Colosseum is fun and difficult without being tedious or boring

Mixing keyboard and mouse controls is unnecesseary in this game and not uncomfortable. Using mouse only would be better.

It's an nice game , since i'm a big fan of J-RPG Games. Still , I think this Combat System ain't mine. I just don't feel very comfortable with it. I'm more into this Grandia/Final Fantasy Battle System (i prefer Grandia tho), so yeah that's it. The Music is nice. About the Story..I can't say much about it , since i'm just in the beginning and i'm not sure if i should continue it... It ain't a story , i'm really into. It ain't getting me , lol. Still i'm giving 4 Stars , since it's hard work and the Art is pretty good. IF I continue it , which maybe happens , i'm going to give an better Review.