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DailyToon #498

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'Ello loves, and welcome back to another fine edition of DailyToons. Hope you're in for some right good fun, because tonight's toon is right brilliant, chaps.

First up, join posh lass ThreeStar with a pisser of a comedy. Second, smashing young lad RexCo delivers a right stonker in the form of a drama about "what it means to be bird." And last but not least, that wanker Starberry does it again with a totty comedy about the proper sport of cricket.

We're a bit snookered, yes, but with only 1 toon to go till the 500th toon, we're practically falling arse over tit to present Her Majesty with the fittest animations. Join us in some rumpy-pumpy over at thestarsyndicate.com. Smashing!

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So this was cool I remember watching a few of these back in the "DAY" you guyes really put alot of them out and this one had a big loading time maybe some down sizing on some resources would help on this piece of film, Nice flick here these kinds of toons or flick or movie or whatever we call it these days are pretty "ENTERTAINING" I like them for the randomness and the "UNIQUE-STYLE" that each little clip or toon brings to the submission itself, so anyways nice work here this was cool.

this one had a big loading time maybe some down sizing on some resources would help on this piece of film,


I felt like this was one of your better cartoons. Well, people certainly voted 5 on this! I just loved the beginning part. That's great nostalgia. Still, it gets annoying after awhile. It would have been fine if you had just made the whole submission that.

Weird how such a high rated thing didn't win an award. You didn't have to include that other song on the menu. The cartoons themselves were okay. RexCo probably had the best one. Congrats, again, on the high score!


PS: the menu actually legitimately looks pretty

A little buggy but good job showing bird syndicate who's boss.

Threestar: very psychedelic
rexco: Very good
Strawberry: Bonus for using the HALO soundtrack in that cartoon.