Quincy ME Quest for Ass 3

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Even though today is a day to celebrate the 10th anniverary of the Star Syndicate, it is with great sadness that we dig out another episode of Quincy ME out of the Jack Klugman files.

Mr. Klugman's last role was reprising the character Quincy from his 70s and 80s TV show. We are fortunate enough to have a treasure trove of his final takes.

In episode 3, the police chief misplaced his prized ass pic. Will Quincy be able to succesfully identify and return it? Or will the aggressive district attorney take the chief down?

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Starberry responds:

you wanna fight with that 0 review rating? you got a problem with quincy?

... ok I give you the credit for making it.

And I hated it. Only thing I like was a few seconds of the pictures from old shows.

Now there is only one last question to all of you who read it. How did something like this pass the judgment and didn't get blamed? Isn't it a ratio of at least 3 stars to say its maybe ok? I am just confuse of how this got out and gave false hope to the crew that made this...

Maybe its a joke that's only understood by the ones who knows the show, yet the images lowers the quality to even those who might understand it! I just say that even beginners can get higher quality if they work harder on it. (not hopeless, but needs more work before showing to crowds)

Horrible. Sorry if you like it, but it's bad animated and not original.