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some old ass shit headed to whack you upside tha fucken head

this is an old flash of mine from 2006 or so that i've always been somewhat proud of for the sheer manic energy of it or something i guess???? anyway it was my first solid contribution to dailytoons and i thought i'd share it with the 10 people left on newgrounds in honor of that same series drawing to a close (perhaps for good this time (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST THREESTAR DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT DRAGGING THIS SHIT ON OMG JUST END THE FR***KING AGONY ALREADY WAGGIN PENIS WEEPS FOR UR SOULS AND UR DISCO SOULWAX)])

a very special dedication to my long gone n***a truffleclock; ur soul is long departed from tha internet but i pour sum salt on the curb in ur memory.......fuc rexco

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A wonderful waste of your time that invokes the humor of internet trash and the angst of a someone who has obtained flash in an industrialized world from which there may seem no escape. What sounds like a clip taking from a serious corporate event has been re-purposed to become a product of laughter or mild philosophy presented with that toilet room sharpie sensibility the bold lines of flash often create on their own. Hope this one is found centuries from now. History that it is.

retr0smash responds:

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