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DailyToon #496

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Well folks, the 500th DailyToon is cumming soon and it's beginning to arouse a lot of excitement. We hope you're getting in the mood as well. Even if you're inexperienced, these last 4 toons will certainly whet your appetite.

In the first toon, Retrosmash gets busy with his "pen tool." I'd let him tween my .SWF file, if you know what I mean. Riding in on a bologna pony, ThreeStar gives us a wild ride with a naughty toon about a "stick-up." It's a real blast. And following up the rear, jailbait hunny JamesKnox whips it out for a raunchy tech-based toon about "what it means to be butt."

We sincerely hope you enjoy this tempting collection of cartoons. Brought to you by The Star Syndicate - Imbibing fruit punch & polishing our pork swords since 2004.

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Another nifty toon

I love the intro most of all with the "BREAKING-BAD" theme, So you have a good idea with this daily toons and hope you make many more someday well thats if you make these anymore there has not been many more for awhile, but regardless you presented some nifty little toons in this one not the best of quality but still bring some funny and amusing moments.

No changes all the films were fantastic.


3star: That shit is the Bomb YO! Thanks for the trip back
Retrosmash: Uh oh...
Jamesknox: Okay we got it.

Woot. Phat music. Yeah. Animationwise it's a bit on ice. Keep imbibing fruit punch & polishing your pork swords!


Inb4 Newgrounds gets DDOSed by Dailytoons.

Happy 500.

Here's to another 500.