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Race along a 100 meter track to cross the finish line first, while jumping over hurdles along the way.

I recommend playing on 'Hard' for the full experience.


• Continuously tap space to run.
• Press space as close to "Go!" as possible for a starting boost.
• Press the key that appears on screen when nearing a hurdle to jump it, (Z, X, or C).
• You can turn the split screen hurdles on or off, and can turn down the Music or SFX volume via the volume sliders in the options menu.
• In split screen mode, the second player taps 0 (Zero) on the num pad to run, and uses (Left, Down, or Right) arrow keys to jump over hurdles.

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good game but needs some improvement

Kewl. Nice masher, and it's been a long time since i've seen a game like this on NG.

I really like it! you might want to check the menu button that appears after you race. idk if it's something on my end but it was unclickable for some reason.

The opponents are not very challenging, even in Olympic final run, you could add some medals in paralell to the achieveents. Some of them are not unlocking. About the time trial: is this the "global" world record or for my "personal use" only? If the latter, you could create a base of the records with a highscore list.