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SS - Black Holes

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Black Holes are often described as gigantic vacuum cleaners in space. I'd like to find a deeper truth to it.

What is it about black holes that we always refer to them as vacuum cleaners and that's the end of it?

Why is it that Space is always drawn as a flat surface with a few bends in it? Wouldn't it be far more 3 dimensional, expanding in all directions, through all dimensions? Is there a different way we can express it that makes more sense?

How can we use this information to grow as people, beyond just the simple awareness of Black Holes "out there", but also Black Holes "in here", you know?

I want to make some more videos about Chakras and Auras and all of the ways that we exist through these patterns, and in order to do that, we have to talk about singularities.

In order to talk about singularities, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about black holes - as they are one of our best examples of a singularity out in nature.

The Black Hole!

Special thanks to Celine - She did an amazing job supporting the growth of this video, and we're going to work our butts off to get another one out to you guys next week!

Happy Camping! Spring is Here!!

Steven Hawking on Black Holes - The Guardian Presentation (2013)
"What's inside of a Black Hole"
The New Cosmos - Episode 4
Steven Hawking's Big Ideas Made Simple
Do a youtube search for "Black Holes" you'll find all kinds of stuff!

The Spirit Science Toolbox - http://thespiritscience.net/toolbox

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so much wrong with this video..
If you want to teach people about science in a spiritual way that's cool but please just do more research. People here really believe everything you say, so it's a shame it's so damn wrong

This suggests so many new ideas. I'm happy I clicked on it. I've heard one theory that a black hole is actually a single object with an enormous amount of mass, so it sucks everything in, but I'm not quite sure (It's not like I'm an astro-scientist). But if that one theory is true, about black holes linking different dimensions together, doesn't that also suggest that we can travel between them back and forth; like Space-And-Time doorways? Just some food for thought.

Great research!
And it is refreshing to see someone challenge (even a little bit) the conventions of modeling, especially in "theoretical physics". Part of the problem with the conventional models for space is that students are still subscribing to two dimensional mediums (paper or even PC screens) for the modeling. Even that the software can conceptualize 3D space, complete with values, it's going to be difficult to finish a truly 3D representation on a flat screen...

One of my favorite demo's, was an old window I found in a (long since) burned out old house. The heat had warped the glass so there was a lensing effect. I could set it upright on a porch, and even though the glass was clear, and there was plenty of light to see, from about twenty feet away, there would appear a large black spot in the middle of the old, warped window. I have used it a couple times (back in the day) to explain how we think we "see" a black hole "swallowing light" when it might only be lensing it to a corruption we can no longer make sense of.

Anyway, I don't think (personally) that "black holes" are the infinites that are currently being popularized. It might just be that since they spit out gamma everytime something falls in, that they're actually a condition of super-dense matter that turns from fusion to fission...
And it's also possible that they're no more than a truly new magnitude of neutron star, similar to pulsars and the like.

Of course, I won't pretend to be an expert. I'm more like a country-boy amateur who knows a thing or two... particularly the work it takes for research like this.

Carry on... You're having a bit of fun with this...

It's a good basic understanding of Black Holes.

Giving you a zero because this offers no insight to science, sloppy language to describe what a black hole really is and talking from your ass.

And Jordan, Jews are NOT from space.