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DeadlySpaceAction Mini #7

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The Antship drifts into trouble, and the crew panics when they realize no one is all that equipped to pilot the ship.

Deadly Space Action is a show about an evil space captain and his insubordinate subordinates. Deadly Space Action Minis are bite-sized episodes about weird planets, asteroids, hackers, and even introduces a new character or two! (specifically, it's one)

This cartoon was funded by Patreon backers! To find out how you can support this show, go to http://www.patreon.com/cartoondrivethru and watch the video!

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Yeah, this was another really hilarious thing. I appreciate how good the animation and voices are. I really do say that too often. It's just that the episodes are so good, it's hard to not notice all these perks. The best joke was at the end. You really got a sense of jokes coming on fast.

I am getting quite used to these. I would like to see longer episodes. These could also work as a compilation. I love how much expression you put into the voices. Seeing as how you do everyone, you have to do that.

This episode - rocks! :P Haha, heh, yeah... aaanyway it was great. Fast-paced, entertaining, and creatively different with an obvious but still pretty genius twist towards the end. Nice work!


That is the joke

The entire series is great, always look forward to seeing another. That being said, the last line of this one seriously topped them all.

Keep up the outstanding work.

Pretty good. Character designs are interesting, the colors are nice, and the lip syncing is pretty tight. Good job.