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Best Quest - Episode 0

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PROTIP: Watch out for clickable annotations and wait for the post-credits scene! ;)

After the episode, you will be asked to choose Mort's destiny by choosing between 2 unique Episode Branches. Choose wisely -- we will tally the votes and the winning branch will be produced as the next episode!


BEST QUEST is a brand new animated series created by Matt Barretto and produced by Stream Engine TV.

BEST QUEST follows the story of Mort and his three best friends Nate, Keenan, and Fray as they try to look cool and get girls in a world of dragons and wizards... and stuff.

If you want to watch this episode in HD, just log on to http://bestquest.streamengine.tv! (Video quality was minimized in order to comply with Newgrounds file size policy)

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I probably choose left one.

using memes isn't a funny way to engage your audience. its a way to exploit lapses in creative thought. you need to work on your writing and try a new direction. if need be, watch older cartoons and notice the rhythmic timing to the music as things happen.

try word twisting, elevate the audience from just "guys love boobs and stuff fuckfuckfuck video games meme man bro"

there's more to the art of animation than that.

for what it is, its well animated generally speaking, but its the writing and the audio that hurt this so much.

visuals, as hard as they are to make, are the last thing on your audience's mind at the time they watch something. they need substance to be able to keep looking at it. remember that.

I like how this was unique and funny at both. This is nice. Good job!

Should've watched the 1st um i mean the zero one first.
I see how funny and cool the animation you put in your cartoon.
I'll be waiting for more.
good luck

dat was cool

Credits & Info

3.98 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2014
10:29 PM EDT