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DailyToon #491

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Author Comments

Today's special edition toon features four of the Star Syndicate's saltiest animators roasting Mr. Peanut, everyone's favorite peanut mascot.

Enjoy these four nutty toons, including a sweet-yet-savory romantic comedy by ThreeStar, a philosophical meandering on "what it means to be peanut" by Starberry, an ever-dramatic tale of love and loss by SevenStar, and something by Dudestar, I'm not really sure because I didn't watch that one.

GO NUTS. GET ROASTED. VOTE 5. And don't forget, 1/4 cup of nuts provides a full serving of protein. Brought to you by the Star Syndicate-- busting a nut since 2004.

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So this entry was about the "PEANUT" guy lol, I like that you put "FOUR" clips in this one, my suggestion is that each clip could be a tad bit longer, they are very entertaining and pretty random with some good entertaining value on this, but anyways nice work.

my suggestion is that each clip could be a tad bit longer



SevenStar's was baller.

Only three star worthy but I threw in another half because I loved those peanut butter crisps too.

Woot, that ThreeStar one wasn't bad! A nutty episode.