Dark Ocean - Full Version

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DARK OCEAN: Full Version

Made by Alex Y0!

. More balanced gameplay
. Background music
. Shaking Screen effect
. Prettier font

. Arrows to move
. Z to shoot
. Destroy the enemies ("Kill" ships, sharks and octopuses) for extra points
. Collect the divers (Yellow and blue little people) for extra oxigen
. Difficulty'll raise each 100 points
. There are 12 Levels. The last one must be reached at 2000 points
. You'll die if:
- You collide with enemies
- You ran out of oxigen

++ GOOD LUCK! ++


3 very crucial things: 1) you need to make every hitbox fully inside the object to prevent the player from dying when they are not hit. 2) movement should be far slower. 3) You misspelled oxygen on the main menu. Always run game text through word for spell check :)

Other than those, this is a fun game.

WolfoxYo responds:

Alright, thank you!

let's see... the music is very annoying, the game has been done before, the graphics are sub-par and cheesy at best and they are all the reasons i give this game a 5/5!

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WolfoxYo responds:

Thanks for the feedback. The music is changed.

Controls: The movement of your ship seems to be a little quick to me, but maybe it's just me. it seemed that if you tapped the up/down button, instead of moving a little bit either direction, you moved quite a bit in that direction. that cost me several deaths at the hands of various sea creatures.
Gameplay: the flow of the game was alright. being able to shoot the things coming at you was good, as well as being able to evade.
3/5, 3.5 stars

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2.23 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2014
8:03 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight