Somnium: Exodus

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You awake sore and amnesiac in a hospital... but the place is deserted. Notes from a stranger lead you on a bizarre journey through a town that has more than its share of secrets in this creative and ambitious action RPG adventure that blends existential horror with a science-fiction thriller.

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The games good but add anime character designs like misao, or the crooked man, and make more ACTION-RPG-HORROR-QUEST-SCI-FI games next time with medals or achievements so the players know what they accomplished!

shit that was fun. Lag, no carry through on your premise for the enemies and spelling errors made it marginally less so. (I kept expecting them to be OTHER PEOple- That would have been AWESOME)


RLDS (LOLOL), Astra Castra Numen Lumen and the mention of Graphene!!!! made up for some of it. as someone who enjoyed ever twisted minute of Sanitarium, I found this to be EXCELLENT and I look forward to either a remake or your next endeavor! GO SOFTLY ON! (Doctor Who LOL) I missed one area. what was it?

This game I can see going somewhere but for now the lag is stopping it.

I managed to play without too much lag until I left the hospital, after that, the game froze. It took me 3 times to pass the first level because the game kept crashing.

Fix those issues please.

0.5 i know the game has potential ... the only thing stops me from playing is the painkillers it kills my shockwave