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Dark Ocean - Browser Vers

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- Arrows: Movement
- Z: Shoot
- Avoid or shoot the sharks, ships and octopus.
- You'll raise your level and difficulty each 100 points you gain
- Collect the divers for extra oxigen


The aiming and mechanics are both bad. The art is very basic. This game feels rushed.

My problems with this game... The art design is simple. Too simple. The font is stock and basic, and after the first few kills, the background goes crazy and flashes random colors making me want to look at it more than the game. But I do like the particle effect when you die, shoot, and kill. Audio was lacking as well, which is a shame because I think this is one of those games that needs music at the base level, otherwise it's just move, press button, move, press button, ect. As for the gameplay, not much here, but that's ok. This is one of those games that gets away with it by having the "one more go" feeling to it even with the bad stuff this game CAN be good, it just has no polish whatsoever. Overall, it could be good with more work put into it, but not right now.

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I did not like this game i'm just... Not a fan of these type of games so for me i give it a booooooooooo

Oxygen is spelled wrong. and why is 8-bit mixed with highly detailed rockets? This game needs some work. to name a few things. Music, levels, atmosphere, etc.

WolfoxYo responds:

I've corrected that. And there's a new version.


Nice game here.

The main game entities (player, enemies, etc.) are low resolution pixel graphics, which are fine, however, the particles look like they are either high resolution pixel graphics, or not raster, but vectors, creating an inconsistency with the overall look.

The flashing of the background looks to be a vector gradient which is also inconsistent with the low resolution pixel graphics. Consider using dithering and fewer colors for that background.

The explosion sound effect is overdone; sound effects consisting of waveforms would better suit this game. Take a look at a sound tool called Bfxr:
The kind of sounds you can produce with that tool would better suit this game.

You may also want to experience with bitmap fonts to find a font that is more consistent with the old Atari look and feel, which it looks like you were going for. (:

Good skill on your game.

- Ziro out.

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WolfoxYo responds:

One of the best comments ever, thank you for everything! :D

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Credits & Info

2.22 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2014
1:49 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight