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TMNT claymotion

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Am proudly present you my opeing to tmnt 2012(remake)
i change turtles costumes which looks like tmnt movie of 2014
on youtube video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xf5GKbU2oW8&feature=youtu.be

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Cool :-)
I like it.


interesting make more! Even through I prefer 1987 TMNT.

Definitely not an incompetent video (for the most part) but I feel it's worth mentioning that this site is called NEWgrounds. I come here to see NEW things, original fan creations that do something interesting because they aren't under orders to return on an investment, and I feel it's more than a little remiss to post a more cheaply-done version of something that I see every time I watch the current TMNT series, especially considering that the opening, while great, is nothing more than an added bonus that happens before the well-written, badass, hilarious episode. It's not what I'm there for, and it doesn't work as a piece of entertainment by itself.

Pretty good. My favorite part is when Rapheal gets angry at the pinball machine.