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10 Gnomes 06: the Hall

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You have 10 minutes to find 10 gnomes hiding in pictures.

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Pixel hunting is not my favorite gameplay type. However the 10 Gnomes series is very well made. The ambient sound and black and white photo background create a surreal feeling that makes you believe Gnomes could really exist and hide all around us. These games make you look at world with different eyes, letting player discover the world from a different perspective and seeing how various human made items, mostly abandoned ones could be used by beings of different (spatial) dimensions. My baseline score for all 10 Gnomes games is 7/10, for great artistic design and rather unique design, but only a medium level of gameplay. I myself have found all the gnomes in all these games, but usually just about 7 or 8 from the first try.

For some reason this episode features more then 10 Gnomes. There are about twice as many. But you still have to find just 10. This makes the game too easy and it's over before you explore the whole location. Probably Mateusz found too many spots in this location to be too good to waste. And I agree that this is among the best locations in original twelve 10 Gnomes games. So it is even more sad it is wasted in a game made too easy by including to many dwarves. Mateusz later fixed such problems with too many nice places by adding trolls to the fallowing 10 Gnomes games. This game however feels very wrong with it claiming you have found all gnomes, when you have explored just one and a half of the three walls presented. I reduce a whole star from my standard rating for these games, making it 5/10, probably the worst 10 Gnomes game.

It would have been a bit more interesting if cursor did not change when hovering over the picture, or at least not in all places... It is just to obvious where to search right now, so not all that interesting...